1,618 – Brand built by people who wear it!

Interactive fashion - 1,618 gives you opportunity to make your own personalized fashion
New era has come and it is time to redefine traditional fashion. New technologies, new ways of communication, social media, online trade etc. are forcing every industry, including fashion, to change and adopt. It is challenging but inspirational at the same time.
We developed “Express yourself” concept based on the idea that every human being is unique and perfect and personal style should express that point of view. We have a new vision of fashion that is based on the idea that the person themselves should create their own expression of style, not by wearing finished items of widespread brands, but using simple items as an empty canvas for making personal fashion statements.

Quality & Natural materials
Pure cotton is the fabric of our choise. It is grown naturally and have no threat to your health. It has been around for a long time and it holds a unique place in history being the more valued fabric than silk and wool for centuries, avalaible only to the wealthy. We consider it a no.1 fabric because it best represents the “comfort” aestetic. Cotton is Soft, Breathable, Strong, Durable, High absorbent. It has high heat resistance and it is very good in withstanding cleaning, pressing and creasing. It doesn’t irritates the skin, making it perfect for activewear and sleepwear production. It also has a good reputation as “green” textile because is biodegradible.

Fair trade

Fair trade
We are very proud of the fact that our “Made in Europe” production is situated “under one roof” with management, design and production teams working together and contributing to the philosophy of the company. We come from Serbia and all phases of production, including marketing, are coming from the same place. We do not use child labor or any other kind of cheap and unethical labor. Most of our employees are women and every single of our employee is fully covered with social and health insurance. All legal European standards are applied in our company.

Express yourself

Express yourself
“Express yourself” line is reflection of such philosophy. You design your clothes, we make it easy for you. You play, we provide toys.
We offer you basic and ready-to-wear sportswear clothing and several sheets of transfer paper which you can use to make personally designed piece of clothing. Carefully designed and selected printed elements are easy to use and transfer, so that everyone, even with no experience in design, can make a personalized item which is fully compliant with the standards in design. In just few steps, using only scissors and clothing iron, you can express yourself and make distinctive piece of clothing which you can wear yourself or give it away as a gift. 
Now, you have your own, unique clothing which express your personality, emotion and style.

Most of us like to go shopping with friends or family, we like to hear different opinions about our style and it is not just about shopping, it is more about spending time together and having fun. “Express yourself” concept gives opportunity to traditional fashion stores to set up a stage for their customers to personalize clothing at the spot. This way traditional shopping can be transformed in special event and stores can be more interactive with their customers.

About our name
The number of Golden ratio, number of perfect proportions, universal number which describes the beauty of nature, Universe, art, architecture and anathomy, including the DNA strand. The ancient Egyptians used it in building their pyramids and they called it The Sacred Ratio.

1,618 does not belong to anybody, but at the same time, it belongs to everybody. 

We are working very hard on creating and welcoming a new era in fashion, a completely new outlook on personallity of style and individuallity. The concept of the brand will be outdated. The traditional names behind the concept should be overcome. Identifying with the brand will be archaic and useless.
Our customers are unique individuals who identify only with themselves and their own sense of style.

We are here just to make the process more fun and easy.

Berlin - Amsterdam - London

Our history
Brand 1,618 resulted from the partnership of three companies with over twenty years of experience in their fields (Textile production, Marketing, Fashion Distribution).

Combining our forces, ideas and knowlidge with experience, "knowhow" and energy we created 1,618 concept which we presented on the Berlin Panorama Fashion Show (2018), followed by MODEFABRIEK AMSTERDAM (2019) and PURE LONDON (2020).
Feedback we received gave us energy, enthusiasm and confidence to work on further implementation of our visionary philosophy.

1,618 trivia
The name Phi comes from the Greek sculptor Phidias.

Phi day is celebrated on 18 June.